Everything you need to set up your organisation and start collecting data is in this section of the site.

Before proceeding, please note that this data collection has been primarily designed for use in organisations which use 'MUST' as a nutritional screening tool.  The collection cannot be fully completed by those organisations using other nutrition screening tools.

This section of the site takes you through each element of the data collection process:

  • Check that your organisation is registered for data collection
  • If your organisation is not registered for the collection, click here and click the 'Request org' button.  The site administrators will enable your organisation and link the e-mail address you registered with to it
  • If you are the nominated 'BAPEN Nutritional Care Tool' lead for your organisation you can manage all the users within your organisation through the 'User administration' menu.  You decide who can view and collect the data, and who can set up new wards or teams, just by adding an e-mail address!  
  • View, add and manage the data collections for all your wards/teams through the 'Collection Management' menu
  • Take a look at the definitions, rationale and other key information for the data items we are collecting using the 'Definitions and Data Entry Guide'
  • Check out the web-based user guide, helping to answer all your 'how to questions' about data collection and user management through the 'User administration guide' menu

We hope that this tool is easy to set up and use within your organisation.  If you have any problems or find any issues that you would like to raise, please head over to the forum and add your comment to the conversation.